Like most people, I like a lot of media. There's some incredible stuff out there. But at the end of the day, I generally prefer pieces that leave me feeling... well, happy. I know, I know - Bob Dylan says that "happy is a yuppy word," and terms like "contentment" and "joy" carry more significance. It's true - a lot of mental space is dedicated to more important, more noble, more valuable themes. Who can argue with Scorsese, Kanye or Porsche. None of them seem happy. Look how far they've gone! Fair enough. There's a lot of life that isn't happy and it should be explored, even honored. Still, there's plenty to be said for a good time. And once all of the serious stuff is well-situated, there's a lot left to be celebrated. So, here's to the books, songs, shorts, docs, films and commercials that make us smile. They may never win an Oscar. But happiness is it's own reward.

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